Important Points To Know About Routers

The core to the entire setup process of network is the wireless router. Whether there is a faultless network or a troublesome network, everything depends upon the router. That is why, it is important to know about the router before planning to buy one.

Internet Service Provider’s Router

Usually, a default router comes along with the package when you sign up with an internet service provider. These routers are a combination of modem and router. Though, they are less serviceable, they are budget routers and cost-effective. But, if you want a more effective router, then the provider will recommend compatible equipment which can be bought online. For a better performance and speed, it is better to buy one of your own.

Wireless Standards

Wireless standards are undergoing rapid change in the past decade. There are new standards like the 802.11ac being utilized by the newer devices for efficient speeds over wi-fi connectivity. Hence, buying a router that supports this standard is important to enjoy the full performance.

Some More Tips

  • Hardware is not forever. It will keep changing according to the new standards and also, with lots of load to the device, there will be a degradation in the performance over time. If your router is an old one, it might be time change it to a new one.
  • There are many routers available based on the price tag. Hence, the choice of the router is also based on the budgetary preference. It is difficult to recommend budget routers to a person who uses internet more and vice versa. Unless required, an average router is enough for every day usage.
  • A gigabit router will be a good choice for future purposes too, when there is a need for an upgrade.
  • The choice between single-band and dual-band is simple. If you are in a crowded place, then dual-band will do the magic else a single-band is sufficient.
  • While buying a router, it is better to buy a power-line adapter for extending the network.
  • Routers are getting smarter and powerful. They help in prioritizing the traffic and gets updated automatically.

Open The Key To Savings Galore

It’s time to move away from paper promos and discounts and start using online codes like the Very discount codes. Like Very, the online retail store there are several retailers who provide customers with discount codes coupons and promotions to increase their sales and lure more customers, especially during holiday season.

Unlike the paper coupon which you redeem at the cashier, you need to key in the correct code to avail the relevant discount on the item of your choice.

Where are coupons or codes found?

Originally all coupons and codes were not found on the retailer’s site but were available on shopping sites. But, nowadays, retailers offer coupons on their websites and send them in email besides having them on the shopping sites. Basically, you can never miss these coupons and the savings that follow.

How to locate the coupons

Google “Discount coupons” or “coupon code” and you will find a list of websites offering you a wide range of codes and coupons. This is a great way to compare prices and deals. You can also find coupons for specific stores by keying in the retailer’s name in the search engine.

Are linked coupons same as coupon codes?

They are not the same but they serve the same purpose. These coupons have a link which when clicked will take you to the online store and there you can automatically avail the discount.

How to redeem the codes?

Different online stores have different checkout systems and different places to key in the coupon code. In some cases, you key in the code during checkout while for others you key it before checkout on the review page.

Search on the checkout page for “submit” before completing a purchase and key in the code.

In case you don’t find it, check out the FAQ section for answers and if you still don’t receive any information then call the customer service and find out the details before completing the purchase.


Often online stores do not propose an expiry date for a coupon so that they monitor the response and if need be discontinue it. If any discount code does not work, look for other offers.

Save Money, Buy Cheap Cleaning Products

Are you tired of spending more money on household cleaning supplies? Is a significant amount of money being spent on these cleaning items? Don’t worry. There are some easy ways that you can follow to cut down the cost on these cleaning products. All you need is a little planning and a knack to bargain.

A Warehouse Store is the Best Place

There are lots of warehouse stores that are great places to buy cheap cleaning products. In addition to offering lots of discounts, you also get a variety of brands to choose from, in bulk. How to get a bargain on these products? Always keep an eye for the coupons that are given in-store. These coupons give discounts and helps you in saving money. Also, you can try buying a store brand instead of a product with brand name as store brands are cheaper. In most of the cases, you won’t be able to find any difference in the quality.

Online Coupons by Manufacturer

Sometimes, you can find printable coupons online. This is one of the most popular choice in today’s trend. One can find a lot of household cleaning products on many of the online sites. The only thing you need to check out is whether the store you purchase items honours these coupons or not.

DIY Cleaning Products

The best saving tip you can follow is to make your own cleaning solutions. There are so many natural ingredients that can be made use of, for cleaning purpose. Products like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide help in effectively removing stains. They can reduce the usage of other chemicals and can sometimes, even eliminate the need to buy expensive cleaning products.

Multipurpose Cleaning Agent

There are some products like the dish soap that can used not only for cleaning utensils but can also be used to remove stain from carpet and window. Making use of such products helps reduce the expense.

Household cleaning products can really be expensive but with useful tips like the above, one can save a lot of money.

Packaged Vs Home-made: Better Choice For Nutritious Dog Food

While considering healthy dog food options, we often get stuck on this one issue. Whether a home cooked meal is better or do the branded dog food options suit a dog more?

While each option definitely is considered healthy dog food, they both have their set of pros and cons. Each dog is different from the other and some option may suit one better than the other.  It depends completely on the

  • Human parents of the dog
  • The nutritional needs of the dog
  • Size and age of the dog
  • Level of activity a dog does during the day.

Home cooked meals

A well cooked home meal is a healthy dog food option. It has many advantages like

  • Cost effective option
  • Can consider the food habits of the dog before preparing a meal
  • One can avoid any allergy causing ingredients in home-cooked meals
  • Dogs are not fed unnecessary fillers or empty calories
  • Can cook different recipes to keep the dog interested

While there are some pros, there are also many disadvantages of home-cooked meals

  • Level of cooking may be inconsistent, scope for an over cooked or undercooked meal
  • May not meet the nutritional requirements of the dog
  • The taste of cooked meals may not be liked by the dog
  • Chances of meals being too wet, too dry for the dog’s liking

Branded ready food option

These are also healthy dog food options, their advantages are:

  • Created especially for your dog’s age and size
  • Meets most nutritional demands of the dog
  • Contains ingredients that are best suited for a dog’s liking and nature
  • Easy to feed

And they have disadvantages like

  • May contain harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives etc.
  • May have excessive fillers and empty calories
  • Ingredients may contain allergy causing ones as well.
  • Cost per meal may hike up.

While each option has their own set of pros and cons, you can check my blog post for more information on this.

Most often striking a balance between home-cooked meals and ready branded meals tends to suit dogs the best.

Effective way of Cooking without Losing -Sous Vide Machine

With lot of inventions in technology, cooking is no more a rocket science! Getting that restaurant style of food at home is no more a big deal. Be it meat, ribs or pork or veggies, with these new and smart devices you can be assured of perfect juicy and flavourful food at the end.

Sous vide cooking is the latest trending method in cooking meats, be it at home or restaurant. Though not a complete new concept, it is seen as an easy-peasy method of cooking and getting just the right texture and flavour. This method was first put forth by Benjamin Thompson in 1799. Later it was re-discovered by Americans and French Engineers in the 60’s and used this new found technology in industrial food preservation. Only in the recent times, this method of cooking has gained importance and is finding its place in restaurants and homes.

Well, what are the goodness of using Sous vide Machine?

The way of sous vide cooking is very easy, though a little time consuming (in cooking), you need not worry. All one has to do is, put the food (to be cooked) in a vacuum sealed air tight plastic pouch and set at a required temperature. That’s all is the work. No standing longs, not too many utensils or any hassles in the kitchen. Here are few more advantages of using the Sous Vide cooking:

* There is no overcooking seen in this process. What you get is a perfectly cooked meat, ribs fish or pork- juicy and tender, just as you need. When the food is placed in a water bath, you can be assured about the temperature within it, which will remain constant and helps in avoiding over cooking. Over cooking makes the food very soggy and lose its flavour and texture.

* During sous vide process; there is no loss in the nutrients of the food. Since it’s completely covered and sealed, all the nutrients stay intact. This makes the food to cook perfectly with all its own juice and rendering a flavourful delight.

* This process ensures that the meat is pasteurised rightly, there is no need to worry about it. Sometimes the cooking time is as long as 48 hours, giving the perfect cooked steak, which is packed with nutrients, healthy and tasty.

When there are so many features that increase the quality of food, it’s never bad to give it a try!

The Dangers of Drinking Dirty Water

Contaminated water is a problem in many countries across the world. While in the west we take clean water for granted, there are 100’s of places across planet earth that just don’t have access to clean drinking water. This presents a number of dangers to the populations of these countries. Some of the most common contaminants are as follows.

Bacteria – This is one of the most common contaminants of water and can produce a number of illnesses if water full of bacteria is ingested.

E. coli – Ecoli generally only lives in the intestines of mammals, so if it’s found in the water supply this is a strong indicator that the water supply is contaminated with animal or human feces.

Herbicides or Pesticides – If there’s too much usage of these industrial chemicals in a region then they can creep into the water supply and cause problems for people drinking the water.


Diseases from Dirty Water

A number of diseases can result from unsafe drinking water. Here’s a few of the most common you should be aware of.

Dysentery – A result of ingesting bacteria on contaminated water or food.

Diarrhea – This is an extremely common disease that’s a direct result of dirty water. It produces loose stools and frequent bowel movements.

Malaria – A disease as a result of parasites infesting the body, primarily from moisquitos. The moisquitos breed in water and when someone’s bitten by one, the infection is spread.

Arsenicosis – This is caused by exposure to arsenic in the water supply.

Intestinal Worms – A huge amount of people are infected with intestinal worms as a result of contaminated water supplies. The most at risk groups for intestinal worms are children.

Typhoid Fever – This bacterial infection results in a reduced appetite, headaches and a nausea.

Lead Poisoning – Old pipes made of lead rather than modern plastic pipes can cause lead poisoning which is particularly dangerous