Month: February 2019

Hoverboard Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know in 2019

When you hear the word ‘hoverboard’ you expect some magical machine which can fly on the air.  Be practical and cool.  A hoverboard is much simpler than what you think.  Yet it is more useful and entertaining.  Read on to learn everything you need to know in order to buy a hoverboard in 2019.

  1. Know how it works: It runs automatically.  But what is more important is that it requires the user to self-balance.  You need not to fear.  It is not a great skill that requires hard practice.  The simple truth is it does not require practice.   If you use it at home for one or two days that is enough. 
  2. 2. Charge: The battery and charging the same is a vital factor.  Only after charging the battery for few hours your board can ride.  So you have to plan and charge it prior to usage.  If you do not research on the battery you tend to end up making fire accidents.    Poor quality batteries catch fire while on usage.  There are instances of fire accidents during charging also.  A good battery requires charging for as low as two hours.
  3. 3. Check the law: Rarely hoverboards are not permitted on pavements.  So check your local law before you go in for one.  These rules are for outdoor use only.  Still, you can use them at homes or offices.
  4. Technology is improving: Good news is that there is constant upgradation in batteries and the technology.  There is the latest news on hoverboards which can ride on snow and water.  Whenever you are planning to buy just check what is latest in the market just before buying.  Do not forget to check reviews.  Always buy trusted brands with long-lasting batteries. 


Use the above tips and buy a good hoverboard.  Learning and researching about different aspects like the battery, Bluetooth, speed etc. will help in the best purchase.…

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