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Top 10 Best Creative Toys

Here is the list of the top 10 creative toys that you can gift your child. Get the complete list on DoodleBuckets. The creative toys help to improve the creativity of kids and also let them imagine. These are important skills for the child’s development.


Blocks are the best gift for a child if you want them to improve their creativity. This is an open-ended toy and lets the child imagine and create things.

Craft Kits

Give your child some craft supplies and make things out of it. This helps to enhance their creativity and you will be surprised to see how they come up with new ideas.

Art kits

A paint brush, some colors and a sheet of paper are what your child may need to show his creativity and make beautiful pictures with them.

Pretend play

There are many pretend play sets that let the child imagine and bring out his creativity.

Musical instruments

A musical instrument is a great gifting idea to improve your child’s creativity. It lets your child come up with creative tunes.

Modeling clay

This lets the child have an open-ended play and the child is able to make a different figure with it.

3d doodle kits

This lets the child use his creativity and make figurines.

Dress up

The dress-up materials let your kid be creative and dress up their favorite doll.

Pottery wheel

You could buy a small pottery wheel and your child will be able to make different pots with it and also design it. This does enhance creativity.

Sculpture kit

These are great kits to enhance the child’s creativity. The sculpture kits come with many materials and the child needs to use them to make different figures.

Try out these different creative toys and see how your child stays engaged for hours.…

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