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The 10 Items You Need to Dress Like a Professional Instagram Influencer

If you look at all those people who are popular on Instagram what do you notice as the first thing about them? Of course, you would judge an Instagrammer based on the count of the followers but when you delve into the profile the clothes they wear are perhaps the eye-grabbing details most people notice. Follow Maurielle’s blog to find inspiration about the best fashion merchandise to buy. Here are 10 items that would instantly make you look like an Instagram star-

  1. Clothes featuring polka dots are vintage charms that never go out of trend. So either a classy top or a pretty dress in polka dots can easily create a statement.
  2. A perfect pair of sunglasses can talk so much about you and your choices in fashion.
  3. Your wristwatch never goes unnoticed. Make sure you choose one that matches with your personality.
  4. Clothes that flatter your body type are definitely the ones that you should pick for your photos.
  5. Anything that is in trend should feature on your photos collection at least once. If you happen to be among those who adopt fresh fashion at the earliest then you are sure to be noticed.
  6. A fancy room or a backdrop where you shoot all your videos or click your pictures. This should be a backdrop that makes your profile instantly recognizable.
  7. Fashion accessories that look even better than your outfit might make your photos shine.
  8. A flattering pair of heels or wedges can add oomph to your outfit.
  9. Work on choosing the perfect fine jewelry or statement jewelry to accentuate your outfit.
  10. Find fashion accessories like jackets that incorporate timeless trends like lace.

Whatever items you choose for your photos make sure that they blend with your niche and your personality so that your photos create a strong impression about you.…

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