Open The Key To Savings Galore

It’s time to move away from paper promos and discounts and start using online codes like the Very discount codes. Like Very, the online retail store there are several retailers who provide customers with discount codes coupons and promotions to increase their sales and lure more customers, especially during holiday season.

Unlike the paper coupon which you redeem at the cashier, you need to key in the correct code to avail the relevant discount on the item of your choice.

Where are coupons or codes found?

Originally all coupons and codes were not found on the retailer’s site but were available on shopping sites. But, nowadays, retailers offer coupons on their websites and send them in email besides having them on the shopping sites. Basically, you can never miss these coupons and the savings that follow.

How to locate the coupons

Google “Discount coupons” or “coupon code” and you will find a list of websites offering you a wide range of codes and coupons. This is a great way to compare prices and deals. You can also find coupons for specific stores by keying in the retailer’s name in the search engine.

Are linked coupons same as coupon codes?

They are not the same but they serve the same purpose. These coupons have a link which when clicked will take you to the online store and there you can automatically avail the discount.

How to redeem the codes?

Different online stores have different checkout systems and different places to key in the coupon code. In some cases, you key in the code during checkout while for others you key it before checkout on the review page.

Search on the checkout page for “submit” before completing a purchase and key in the code.

In case you don’t find it, check out the FAQ section for answers and if you still don’t receive any information then call the customer service and find out the details before completing the purchase.


Often online stores do not propose an expiry date for a coupon so that they monitor the response and if need be discontinue it. If any discount code does not work, look for other offers.