Effective way of Cooking without Losing -Sous Vide Machine

With lot of inventions in technology, cooking is no more a rocket science! Getting that restaurant style of food at home is no more a big deal. Be it meat, ribs or pork or veggies, with these new and smart devices you can be assured of perfect juicy and flavourful food at the end.

Sous vide cooking is the latest trending method in cooking meats, be it at home or restaurant. Though not a complete new concept, it is seen as an easy-peasy method of cooking and getting just the right texture and flavour. This method was first put forth by Benjamin Thompson in 1799. Later it was re-discovered by Americans and French Engineers in the 60’s and used this new found technology in industrial food preservation. Only in the recent times, this method of cooking has gained importance and is finding its place in restaurants and homes.

Well, what are the goodness of using Sous vide Machine?

The way of sous vide cooking is very easy, though a little time consuming (in cooking), you need not worry. All one has to do is, put the food (to be cooked) in a vacuum sealed air tight plastic pouch and set at a required temperature. That’s all is the work. No standing longs, not too many utensils or any hassles in the kitchen. Here are few more advantages of using the Sous Vide cooking:

* There is no overcooking seen in this process. What you get is a perfectly cooked meat, ribs fish or pork- juicy and tender, just as you need. When the food is placed in a water bath, you can be assured about the temperature within it, which will remain constant and helps in avoiding over cooking. Over cooking makes the food very soggy and lose its flavour and texture.

* During sous vide process; there is no loss in the nutrients of the food. Since it’s completely covered and sealed, all the nutrients stay intact. This makes the food to cook perfectly with all its own juice and rendering a flavourful delight.

* This process ensures that the meat is pasteurised rightly, there is no need to worry about it. Sometimes the cooking time is as long as 48 hours, giving the perfect cooked steak, which is packed with nutrients, healthy and tasty.

When there are so many features that increase the quality of food, it’s never bad to give it a try!