How To Choose The Best Water Fountains For Cats?

There are plenty of water fountains for cats in the market today. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Some can store more water, while some cannot. There are also a few that are expensive, but there are also some that require a lot of maintenance.

Here is a small guide that helps you choose the right product. Check out the qualities that the top water fountains for cats have.

  • Generally, the best water fountain is one which can store a good amount of water. These also require less maintenance. But, the flip side is, they are expensive.
  • The circulation of water should be more frequent. This circulation keeps the water fresh for your cat.
  • Good water fountains for cats should have a good filter that filters water efficiently. At the same time, the filter should be easy to clean. The filters in the water fountain help in removing bacteria and other stuff, ensuring that the water that your pet cat has is fresh and free from any matter.
  • The filter systems that come in the cat water fountains can be of different types. Some can have activated carbon, while some filters have bamboo. Choose something that cleans and filters the water efficiently. Activated carbon is generally considered good.
  • If the cat water fountain can have an adjustable flow, then it is a good one.
  • Another important feature that should be looked into is the dishwasher criteria. It is an advantage when these products are dishwasher safe.
  • The pump that comes with the water fountains should not be noisy. Otherwise, it is a turnoff.
  • The cord that comes along with the whole system should be long so that it makes it convenient for you.
  • The water fountains should be durable and with good quality materials used.