Packaged Vs Home-made: Better Choice For Nutritious Dog Food

While considering healthy dog food options, we often get stuck on this one issue. Whether a home cooked meal is better or do the branded dog food options suit a dog more?

While each option definitely is considered healthy dog food, they both have their set of pros and cons. Each dog is different from the other and some option may suit one better than the other.  It depends completely on the

  • Human parents of the dog
  • The nutritional needs of the dog
  • Size and age of the dog
  • Level of activity a dog does during the day.

Home cooked meals

A well cooked home meal is a healthy dog food option. It has many advantages like

  • Cost effective option
  • Can consider the food habits of the dog before preparing a meal
  • One can avoid any allergy causing ingredients in home-cooked meals
  • Dogs are not fed unnecessary fillers or empty calories
  • Can cook different recipes to keep the dog interested

While there are some pros, there are also many disadvantages of home-cooked meals

  • Level of cooking may be inconsistent, scope for an over cooked or undercooked meal
  • May not meet the nutritional requirements of the dog
  • The taste of cooked meals may not be liked by the dog
  • Chances of meals being too wet, too dry for the dog’s liking

Branded ready food option

These are also healthy dog food options, their advantages are:

  • Created especially for your dog’s age and size
  • Meets most nutritional demands of the dog
  • Contains ingredients that are best suited for a dog’s liking and nature
  • Easy to feed

And they have disadvantages like

  • May contain harmful chemicals, additives, preservatives etc.
  • May have excessive fillers and empty calories
  • Ingredients may contain allergy causing ones as well.
  • Cost per meal may hike up.

While each option has their own set of pros and cons, you can check my blog post for more information on this.

Most often striking a balance between home-cooked meals and ready branded meals tends to suit dogs the best.