The Dangers of Drinking Dirty Water

Contaminated water is a problem in many countries across the world. While in the west we take clean water for granted, there are 100’s of places across planet earth that just don’t have access to clean drinking water. This presents a number of dangers to the populations of these countries. Some of the most common contaminants are as follows.

Bacteria – This is one of the most common contaminants of water and can produce a number of illnesses if water full of bacteria is ingested.

E. coli – Ecoli generally only lives in the intestines of mammals, so if it’s found in the water supply this is a strong indicator that the water supply is contaminated with animal or human feces.

Herbicides or Pesticides – If there’s too much usage of these industrial chemicals in a region then they can creep into the water supply and cause problems for people drinking the water.


Diseases from Dirty Water

A number of diseases can result from unsafe drinking water. Here’s a few of the most common you should be aware of.

Dysentery – A result of ingesting bacteria on contaminated water or food.

Diarrhea – This is an extremely common disease that’s a direct result of dirty water. It produces loose stools and frequent bowel movements.

Malaria – A disease as a result of parasites infesting the body, primarily from moisquitos. The moisquitos breed in water and when someone’s bitten by one, the infection is spread.

Arsenicosis – This is caused by exposure to arsenic in the water supply.

Intestinal Worms – A huge amount of people are infected with intestinal worms as a result of contaminated water supplies. The most at risk groups for intestinal worms are children.

Typhoid Fever – This bacterial infection results in a reduced appetite, headaches and a nausea.

Lead Poisoning – Old pipes made of lead rather than modern plastic pipes can cause lead poisoning which is particularly dangerous